Dec, 2012

Greener Tomorrows

The world dims and fades. The winters become longer and the summers are but the briefest of sparks.  The cities have emptied and once hectic world has slowed to an icy slumber.

People cross the snow covered roads and seek warmer places.  When their bellies are empty and hunger gnaws at them, they make snow angels.

As night descends, they huddle close together. They warm themselves with laughter, they feed themselves with stories of greener tomorrows, and they light the dark with their companionship.

When morning comes, they greet it like a friend and head toward greener tomorrows.


Once there was a village that was being terrorized by a creature of terrible power. Four brothers entered the monster’s lair in hopes of defeating it, Jerry, Kerry, Larry, and Roger.

They were gone for hours and then Roger returned, bleeding and saying the beast had been destroyed. The town rejoiced and celebrated.

Later that night, Kerry returned, near death. He said that Roger was the beast and that Roger had killed his brothers.

The townspeople were outraged and sought to kill Roger.

Roger was indeed a creature of terrible power and the townspeople discovered what that terrible power was.

Falling Star

Five years before, we left an Earth full with life. An Earth on the precipice of exploring the universe.

We returned to dead cities, scorched continents, and toxic clouds roiling across deserts that were once oceans. What became of our world, we don’t know.

All we can do is watch in horror as that dead yellow orb grows larger on our screens everyday. There is no stopping, there is nowhere else to go, we are locked in.

Headed home.

We’re a falling star, a streak of light across the sky with no one to look at it. Or wish upon it.

Metal Don’t Feel

Broken, battered, and full of hate. All that rage and without the means to fulfill it.

I replaced your bones with titanium, your heart with a nuclear power plant, and your brain with a computer. Now you are powerful and strong.

But you are emotionless. You have the memories, but your blood does not burn and your heart does not surge with anger. Your brain seeks the hate your body can’t produce anymore.

They all come seeking revenge. They leave as machines doing my bidding. Their love and hate gone along with their mortal bodies.

And they serve me forever.