Oct, 2012


They say that we’re evolved, that we don’t need the violence and brutality of the old days. We have laws, culture, and a civilization that beats anything that’s ever existed.

We are evolved in all the ways our forefathers weren’t. They keep hammering that word into our heads, hoping that it will stick.

Evolution doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen to a person, it happens to a species. So, unless we’re all suddenly giving up our arms and abhor violence, then we’re not at all evolved.

I’ll tell you something else.

I’ll leave the peace loving hugs for the future.


You came here before, as a youth, and learned about revolution. You absorbed the ideas here and formed your own about how things should be.

Then you went out in the world and you brought change.

Now, you’re in charge and you tell the people what to do. You have freed the people from their old chains and made new ones to bind them. Your ideas are hammered into stone and made into law.

You stand there at my door, with soldiers, and want my books and names of those I have taught.

But you won’t get any.

Everything changes.

Lid of the Universe

The first probes outside the solar system crashed into a barrier. So did every probe after that. In every direction, a barrier enveloped our solar system.

People were sent to the barrier, to see, to touch, and to report back.

We touched the limit of our universe and it was smooth as glass. Clusters of galaxies chipped away under our gloves like old paint. Beneath that was a darkness complete it was difficult to look at.

I knocked on the roof of the universe and a great vibration rumbled under my gloves.

Then the lid of the universe opened up.

Bleed and Smile

The science behind it is just god damn confusing. How the hell did something that evolved on another planet thousands of light years away be a closer relation to humans than even chimps?

When the aliens came, they came looking like us. They came with gifts and knowledge, but as y’all know nothing in this world, or universe, is free.

They brought gifts, but they wanted something else in return.

Our blood. Their food. God damn Space Vampires.

And our leaders told us to bleed and smile. And we did. And we took to the stars and never looked back.