May, 2012



By: Alex Claw

The old stories say the universe began with a bang and a laugh from the Smiling Creator, the Joy of the Heavens, He who rolled the earth out of clay and sang to bring life to it.

The old stories are all like that. The Joyful Gods and Deities, but the world has changed. The People have put their faith in other gods and the world has turned hard and gray. Happiness has soured.

The Joyful Gods are no longer welcomed into this gray world.

There won’t be a bang and a laugh when the universe ends, but a whimper.

The Butler Did It

The butler did it. The butler always did it. There was no doubt about it, with his pudgy features and that tuxedo that was always neat and clean. Who else had motive or the chance to do the crime?

Detective McGregor presented his case to the family.

The Widow Garrison stared at McGregor. “But we don’t have a butler.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. The butler has been pretending to be your son Junior this whole time!”

The Butler/Junior tried to make a break for it, but McGregor was prepared.

Now, came the case of what the Butler did with Junior.