Apr, 2012


“What claim do you have to this solar system?” the alien asked humanity. “You’re stuck on your own planet and we don’t want that world. We will begin mining operations on the rest of the system.”

That was the first and last message from the alien invaders. That message changed the world, of course. We tried every means we could to communicate with the aliens again. They had so much they could tell us about the universe.

It turned out the radio waves we used annoyed the living hell out of them.

And what do you do with annoying pests?

Back to You

The world ended and I walked across this ruined nation back to you. I battled monsters, crazies, and defeated the Cult of the Blood Moon and freed its enslaved people.

I lost friends, watched good people die, and discovered what I was made of.

I’m not the only one who has changed, it seems. The end of the world offered us different paths.

I discovered that we can do good in this hard world. I wish you had discovered the same. Instead you’ve become the evil that infects it.

I still love you, but I’ve learned how to defeat evil.


“How are you?” the doctor asked.

I stared at him and wondered if he was joking.

“No,” the doctor said, “this isn’t a joking matter, Mr. Sampson. You are in the hospital.”

There are bandages on my head.

I wonder what happened.

“You were involved in a collision. You’re lucky to be alive.”

I don’t remember any of that.

“Some memory loss is common in these cases.”

“Are you reading my mind?” I asked.

“Of course, can’t you read mine?” the doctor asked, worry in his voice.

“No,” I said.

The doctor stared at me in horror and backed away.


The date was wonderful. I’ve never had so much fun with another person. She was amazing.

“I had a great night,” I said as we stood on her porch.

She smiled. “You’re a great guy,” she said, “I’m sorry.”


Then she faded, like a bright bulb going out. The afterimage still glowing there.

There was a creak and the house shifted. The door yawned and showed teeth. She was a lure for something great and terrible.

It dragged me in and swallowed me. I think I’m being digested. There’s no pain and I hear her voice.

So, it’s okay.


Yes, I know that I should have listened to that old timer who said the Black Woods were dangerous.

In my defense, he was drunk and missing half his teeth.

You never liked Laura and Pete anyway. They were boring.

It’s just me, you, and Mark now. Mark’s the fastest and he’ll make it across the field and to safety before us. The slowest will be caught.

You ain’t much of a runner.


Don’t worry, babe. I’ve got a plan. I’m going to stab Mark in the leg. I know he’s my best friend, but, baby, I love you.