Apr, 2012


Foolish child, you do not know what you ask. Magic? You wish to learn these arts that I have spent my life studying?

Look at you. You do not look the type that would spend days poring over tomes, nor would dig up the bones of your ancestors to create potions or sacrifice virgins under the stars.

I have done all these things and more. I have put all my effort and time into this, boy, all my years have dwindled and I only wish for more time.

Go, swing a sword instead, boy.

You’ll live a more fulfilled life.


You see them at the edges of your vision. Those shapes, those shadows that form nightmare figures, long limbs and malformed heads.

What are they, you wonder. What do they want?

They come when the night falls, when the lights dim, and the air grows cold.

One is named Shelly, another Rebecca, and the last, Alice.

You know those names.

You know what you did to them.

Their rage cuts through the veil of death. Those shadows you see are but a shadow of the rage they feel and the pain you’ll suffer.

The veil is weakening and they’re coming.


I ain’t here to hurt you.

Put down your guns and listen.

I see you don’t trust me, but I’m here to help. You ain’t a bad person, I know that. I’ve got a gift of knowing folks souls.

You’ve got some bad in you, but you’ve got good too and I know you ain’t gonna shot me.

Thank ya, kindly.

I’m hunting down a monster who’s left a trail of dead in their path and I’ve found her.

Now, put your hands up.

There ain’t no good in you, you only wish there was and that is your weakness.

Blood Junkies

Blood, that’s all they want, nothing more, nothing less.

Who’s blood? It doesn’t matter who’s, they’re just looking for their fix, like some kind of cosmic junkie.

Yes, that’s what your gods are, junkies. Blood junkies.

You’ve emptied out regions, dragging people up your temple steps and slicing them open, trying to sate the blood gods.

It doesn’t happen that way, you’re just upping their dose and they want more.

Now all your surrounding lands are empty of people and the only ones that are left are those in your borders.

And the gods are getting antsy for a fix.


The archetype of man defeating something far more powerful than they are has been around since they were hunters and gatherers.

We’ve always been enamored with the idea of the underdog defeating their more powerful foes. It tells a story of drama and great obstacles heroes overcome and it also shows us that wit and skill are needed to win.

David versus Goliath is a great example. A man fighting something more powerful then he ever could hope to be.

He won because he used skill and wit. Also everything has a weakness, my child.
Now, let’s find your mother’s.