Mar, 2012

Demon Yabbo

The Demon Yabbo comes rolling down the mountainside, making noise like its the end of the world. He only wishes it were.

He stops at my home, where the wards begin, and glares at me. As long as I live, the wards keeps him at bay.

“You’re still alive,” he says.

“Yup.” I say.

“One day,” he gloats, “you’ll be dead.”

“I’m only mortal.” I say, shrugging.

“Once you’re dead, mankind is doomed!” He laughs and heads back up the mountain.

The Demon Yabbo has been doing this for a thousand years. He can’t keep track of time very well.

Blood & Concrete

The monsters loved concrete. No one knew why. There’s nothing inherently special about the stuff, but to the monsters, it was like candy.

They ate roads, bridges, and buildings.

They never intentionally killed a person. The monsters. They just ate the concrete, sometimes a bridge would fall and people would die. No one was ever attacked.

It turns out that human flesh is their poison. They’ll eat any kind of rock or metal, but a chomp of man flesh and they go belly up. Otherwise, they’re impossible to kill.

We’re running out of concrete, but we’ve got plenty of people.


The ground was covered in broken glass from the buildings being devoured by the earth. Any further into the rusty canyons would be death.

We stopped there and called for the crawlers. Soon the armored vehicles on tractor treads rumbled out of the desert, driven by grim faced men.

We watched as they stormed the city.

The earth gave a rumble and metallic tentacles rose from the ground. The earth would not give up its claim to the dead city. Explosions filled the air and the tentacles began falling, never to rise again.

The crawlers fought the earth and won.