Jan, 2012

The Book and the Words

You stand there like nothing happened. You smile like your words didn’t do anything. You hug me like it’s a normal day.

You don’t know how much I want to believe the lies you’re telling. You don’t know how much I want it to be a normal day, with everything back to the way it was.

It can’t though. It’s too late now. Once the book was opened. Once the words were spoken…

I can see it from the corner of my eye. The book. Lying there, taunting with its lurid cover, the words bright like a beacon.

Parenting 101.

Ghost Army

The spirits of the dead appeared one day and began marching south. The news outlets immediately dubbed them the Ghost Army and the world couldn’t get enough of them. There were billions of the opaque beings wandering across the land, hordes of them that took days to pass.

Every attempt to interview or interact with them came to nothing. So people instead watched and looked for long dead relatives.

No one noticed or cared about the direction the Ghost Army was heading. South. What then was in the north that was coming after them? What were the ghosts fleeing from?

Last Man

I walk the skeletal shores of a dead ocean. The sun is a bloated red smear bleeding into the sky.

It’s the last days of planet Earth and I’m the last man on it.

I have lived billions of years. I have seen the rise and fall of a hundred thousand empires. I have seen stars brought to life and killed. I have seen planets destroyed and witnessed great interstellar wars. I was there when mankind went extinct.

I have only one regret. I should have gone out with Judy that one night. I bet I could have gotten laid.


Jenny got a blank book on her birthday, a magical book. She didn’t know it was magical though.

Like any tweener, she lived daily the drama of teenagers trying to find their place in the world.

She wrote in the book nightly, all her woes, everyone who slighted her, and what she wanted done to them. The book complied.

Eloise broke her leg. Margaret choked on a dick. Sasha got fat.

Jenny’s mother found her dead one morning. In her hand she clutched Justin Bieber concert tickets.

The last words written in the book was: “I’d die for JB tix”.


One day I discovered a cardboard box in my attic. An hour later I discovered the box’s unique properties when I put some old clothes into it.

Once I closed the box, there came a shudder and a crunching sound. The moment I opened the box, the noise stopped, and the box was empty. No clothes, no trace of them.

I, of course, experimented. As long as it could fit into the box and once it was closed, the box seemed to eat it.

The box came in handy, because I was getting tired of digging graves in the desert.